Brandee Evans and Her Limitless Possibilities

From dancers who used their earnings to pay their way through nursing school, and mothers building a better life for their children – Evans hopes her role will drive more empathy and compassion. With drums blasting, flashing lights, and a captivated audience, STARZ’s hit series, P-Valley lead Brandee Evans twirls, spins, and drops it like it’s hot on a stripper pole like an undeniable phenomenon.

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Brandee Evans Talks Caring For Her Mom While Shooting P-Valley

Life has changed drastically for P-Valley star Brandee Evans over the past year. Of course, there’s the paycheck and the heightened profile that comes with being the lead actress of a hit TV show. But for Evans, the most important impact becoming an actress has had on her life is allowing her to take better care of her mother.

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