Brandee Evans isn’t one to sit back and let an opportunity pass her by. Case in point: when the actress first heard about P-Valley, a TV show about a popular strip club in Mississippi, she was immediately intrigued.

“First of all, I could not get an audition,” the 37-year-old exclusively tells GRAZIA USA. “When I first heard about the show, I thought, ‘I would love to try out.’ I reached out to my agent, and my agent had already heard about it and tried to pitch me.”

From there, she thought about how she could make herself stand out, so she booked a photoshoot where she showed off a long and straight with bangs wig, but she didn’t end up scoring the role. Evans was just about to give up, but she decided to call her manager, and she ended up sending her photos of herself as a dance coach. “I got an audition within 24 hours,” she recalls. “I was like, ‘I have not read the script, I have not done anything.’ I was like, ‘Every other girl is going to twerk, I have to be different.’ I did a slow routine in a chair, and I got the call back. The rest was history!”

Since then, the brunette beauty has made a name of herself, as she headlines the Starz drama series. Season 2 premiered in early June, and the episodes will pick back up on July 24. “This season we’re going to be tackling the pandemic,” she shares. “Viewers will see the good, the bad and the ugly. Fans are in for a roller-coaster ride! Also, Mercedes and her daughter’s dynamics will be shown. I think you’ve seen a lot of her in the club, but you haven’t gotten to know the backstory on her and what’s going on outside the club.”

Ultimately, the storylines “challenge” Evans — especially when it comes to pole dancing. “I thought I could dance until I had to touch a pole for season 2,” she quips. “After taking two years off and not being on a pole, my strength is different. It was like starting from scratch — but worse. I get to dive into a sexier side, which was new for Mercedes. I think the audience will enjoy seeing that storyline as well.”

By Jaclyn Roth

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