“I have known Brandee for the past 6 years.  She has come to Indiana to teach her pom and hip hop choreography to the Munster varsity and junior varsity dance teams.   Brandee has always taken the time to bring innovated choreography to my team.  She uses a variety of jumps, turns, and visuals to give us the best pom routines our state has seen.  With her choreography, we have moved closer to the national champions.  She always takes the time before coming out to teach us to watch our competitors and know what is needed for us to strive to be the best.  Brandee takes the time to talk to my captains on different ways to motivate the team and push them to be their best.


Every year, the girls get more and more excited to see what she is going to give us.  When Brandee is teaching, she has a way to bring out skills in the girls that I have not seen.  She believes in them and teaches them the correct way to do the moves.  After girls graduate, they look forward to seeing the next year’s pom dance to see what Brandee has done with the new team. 

In addition to pom, Brandee has choreographed hip hop routines for Munster.  She brought such an entertaining routine for my team that the audience loved it.  It was a perfect style for my team.  Before I took on the job as head coach, she used to choreograph both pom and hip hop for Munster.  I remember watching their routines wondering who choreographed them and was so very happy that she continued choreographing when I took on the job as head coach.
I am always very happy with her choreography and get very excited to see what inspires her the next year in her choreography.  She always comes prepared and works with me on what I feel the strengths are for the upcoming team.  Brandee also is very good at communicating with me before she arrives to teach the team.  I cannot wait to work with her again.”
Cindy Banas
Munster High School Varsity Dance Coach