The Soul Cafe Choreographer/Dancer Don B Welch
Church Secrets Sinclair Jones Don B Welch


(All Def Digital) Dancing with the SquADD Choreographer/Judge Denzel Lee
Couple Problems Friend Woody The Great
How We Look Begging For a Girl’s Number Girl at the Car Steve Royall


Killian’s Commercial Workshop Student Killian’s
Acting Class Student Jr. Cacia
Acting B.S! Short for Acting: Be Strategic Student Twinkie Byrd
Commercial Acting 101: Commercial Acting Class Student Bill Coelius
TSAW Student Tasha Smith


New Edition Biopic Soul Train Producer Chris Robinson
Beyond the Lights Supporting Role/Assistant Choreographer Gina Prince-Bythewood
Bob Harper- Skinny Rules Lead Fitness Girl Darren Capik
Black Coffee Customer Mark Harris
Note to Self Sorority Girl-Delta Nu Trey Haley
The Making of the 2011-2012 Miami HEAT dance Team Choreographer/Director HEAT TV
Rogo’s Rim Lead Girl- Kenali Tal Jason Sims
Xtreme Fatburn Bootcamp Featured Performer Fitness Instructor Anthony Travis


Little Big Shots (Forever Young) Roller Skater Stacy Walker
East Los High Master Teacher Carlos Reza
Dance Crash (Oprah Winfrey Network) Talent/Producer Tara Burtchaell
NBA Players Association Awards- Monica Choreographer Kimberly Burse
2015 BET Awards PRE-SHOW Dancer/Assistant to choreographer Choreographer- Sakinah LeStage
2014 BET Music Awards Ledisi-Lionel Richie Tribute Choreographer Brandee Evans
Ledisi-Black Girls Rock 2013 Choreographer Brandee Evans


KFC (Slap) Cheerleader Matt Dilmore
KFC (Real Team) Cheerleader Matt Dilmore
Groupon Actress Luis Peña
AT&T Cheerleader Twins
Adidas Dancer/Principal Choreographers-RJ & Nick Director-Romain Gavras
Reb’L Fleur by Rihanna Dancer Choreographer-Tina Landon Director-Dave Meyers
Skinny Cow Ice Cream Actress Directed by Jennifer Duffy
Holiday’s Fashion Model


Coline Creuzot (Houston Black Heritage Festival) Choreographer Kim Burse
Monica (Code Red Tour) Choreographer/Dancer Choreographer-Brande e Evans
Jeremih (Forest Hills Drive tour) Dancer Choreographer- Sakinah LeStage
2014 Essence Festival (Ledisi) Choreographer/Dancer Choreographer-Brande e Evans
2014 Ledisi (The Truth Tour) Choreographer/Dancer Choreographer- Brandee Evans
Ivy feat DJ Khaled & Meek Mill Assistant Choreographer Laurieann Gibson


KFC (Buckets Cheerleader) Cheerleader Matt Dilmore
BEN MARC Catalogue Lead Model Ben Marc
Vaseline Chef Aaron Rapoport (Photographer) Fitness Model Peter Griffith (Photographer)
Methodist Hospital Fitness Model Peter Griffith (Photographer)
Smoothie King Fitness Model April Tolbert (Photographer)
Peter Griffith Model Peter Griffith
TARGET/CHAMPION Fitness Model Shira Bogart
joSon Photo LLC. Fitness Model (Roller Skating & Fitness) joSon
Vitamin Water Featured Dancer Photographer Russ Quackenbush
Rogo’s Rim Lead Girl- Kenali Tal Jason Sims


Coline Creuzot “Truth Is” Choreographer/Dancer Kimberly Burse
Ledisi- That Good Good Choreographer/Dancer Ron Young
“Que Sera” US Version Choreographer David Rousseau
Ivy feat DJ Khaled “Light Me Up” Assistant Choreographer Laurieann Gibson
Pitbull feat Kesha- Timber Choreographer David Rousseau
Ledisi- I Blame You Choreographer Derek Blanks
Wally Lopez Featuring Jasmine V Roller Skater Gil Green
Colbie Caillat feat. Common (My Favorite Song) Roller Skater Jay Martin
Dollphace Ft. Snoop- Let’s Go to Vegas Dancer Choreographers Elise Neal & JR Taylor
Katy Perry ft. Snoop- California Gurls Principal Girl Choreographers Laurie Ann Gibson & Richie Jackson