Competition Judging

Brandee Evans is a noted dance competition judge, and has rendered services as a such in many nationally recognized competitions, including:

  • Wisconsin State Dance Competition
  • United Spirit Association (Dance)
  • American Championships (Cheer & Dance)
  • Vibe Dance Competitions (Dance)
  • JAMfest Dance Competitions (Dance)
  • Various High School Tryouts (Cheer & Dance)
  • US Spiritleaders- Best of The West (Dance)
  • GLCC The Showdown (Dance)
  • GSSA Dance Championships (Dance)
  • COA Dance competition (Dance)
  • Coastal Cheer and Dance Corporation (Dance)
  • NBA Memphis Grizzlies
  • NBA Miami HEAT
  • Tokyo Japan- Miss Dance Drill Nationals
  • Cheer Pros (Dance)
  • UPA (Dance)
  • Eclipse (Dance)
  • Amaze (Dance)
  • Americup (Dance)
  • Dance Xtreme USA

To retain Brandee as a judge for your competition, please send your detailed request.