Memphis native Brandee Evans is a former High School English teacher who wrote her resignation letter to the school board while on Vacation in LA. Determined to live her dream, she has graced the stage all over the world as a professional dancer and choreographer.

However, after taking acting classes weekly and enrolling in multiple workshops, she soon realized there was one thing she loved more than dance… acting. Brandee booked her first feature film role on Trey Haley’s NOTE TO SELF, and has since gone on to appear in supporting roles on THE NEW EDITION STORY, LETHAL WEAPON, and numerous commercials.

In 2010, Evans created a series of dance classes for women focusing on improving confidence, building strength, finding “sexy,” and having fun. She coined the sessions “Hip Hop in Heels®,” and encouraged dancers of all experience and ability to take the class in a fierce pair of pumps. Her “Hip Hop in Heels®” classes grew quickly in popularity, and she has gone on to teach sessions in Los Angeles, Memphis, Georgia, Vegas, Japan, and the UK.  Brandee loves working with clients who are not professional dancers. She gets joy in seeing their growth and loves helping them reach their goals. 

She was featured in the Oprah Winfrey Network television special “DANCE CRASH” which focuses on bringing together a group of girls through tough love and sisterhood.   She also received the “2015 & 2017 Sunshine Beyond Summer Sunshine award” presented by Robi Reed and the Reed for Hope Foundation. Brandee is an ambassador for Robi Reed’s Reed for Hope Foundation. Most recently, Evans represented the Reed for Hope Foundation on the Tom Joyner Fantastic Voyage cruise teaching her Hip Hop In Heels® class.

Being a former High School English teacher and Department chair, Brandee uses her skills to help build her client’s confidence so they can achieve their goals.  Her motto is “Bring your confidence and I will do the rest.”  She helps artists get in shape, be more comfortable on stage/red carpets, and she finds movements that are comfortable and fitting for her clients.

Brandee has a very genuine spirit.  On December 21, 2016, she moved her mom out of a nursing home to take on the task of being her mom’s full time caretaker all on her own.  Even with this task, she still makes time to live her dream of acting, choreographing/creative directing artists, and volunteering in the community.  

Most recently, she booked THE BOBBY BROWN STORY. Brandee was also cast in Don B. Welch’s hit plays CHURCH SECRETS and I’LL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS.

Her hobbies are working out, sewing, being a computer nerd, and hanging out with her mom. She is also a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated.


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